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About Us

Team 527 The Red Dragons

Plainedge High School - North Massapequa, NY

Est. 2000

Team 527 is proudly supported by Plainedge High School in North Massapequa, NY. Every year, the team takes part in the FIRST Robotics Competition in which students plan, design, and assemble a 120 pound robot within six weeks. The team was formed in the 2001 season and has been growing ever since. Students are tested mentally and physically on the challenge at hand as they show creativity, ambition and leadership to help complete the robot.

FIRST Team 527 has grown into a team that builds minds geared toward science, technology, and advocates gracious professionalism. By utilizing the support from the team's alumni and developing strong community outreach programs, FIRST Team 527 is recognized as more than a school club. It is an integral component of the Plainedge community. FIRST Team 527 is inspiring young minds to think creatively, become strong leaders in science and technology, and innovators for the world.

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