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FIRST: Infinite Recharge

FIRST: Infinite Recharge

Invitational Winners!!!

Invitational Winners!!!

Team 527 became CHAMPIONS at the 6th annual 2017 Half Hollow Hills Robotics Invitational!



Team 527 became REGIONAL FINALISTS at the 2017 SBPLI Regional!

Our Goal

FRC Team 527 is proudly supported by Plainedge High School in North Massapequa, NY. 

The various branches of the team all work together to achieve common goals of building the best robot and promoting the vision of FIRST.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a non-profit organization set out to enrich the lives of countless students by opening their eyes to new opportunities in the fields of science and technology.

What is FIRST?


Team 527 is deeply involved in the community.

We have taken the time to participate in numerous activities and events to benefit the community of Plainedge and even the world.

This year's game is called:

FIRST Deep Space


Learn more about this year's events, projects, and goals.

This Year

Team 527

The Plainedge Red Dragons


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